Top 10 Reasons NOT to Join MADabolic [Part 1]


There is a plethora of fitness options out there for all you movers, lifters, sprinters and benders. But what attracts you to this studio over that one? Rather than leading with community, we thrive on and prioritize our clients’ individual progress (consider our 20-25 person class caps, or your trainers’ targeted corrections and cues as just two examples of how we execute this priority). If you’re familiar with our programming and coaching style, you know that we don’t beat around the bush. If you’re newer to our programming and coaching style...well...the point remains. Sugar coating ain’t our game and we can be just as quick to call ourselves out as we are to call out your potentially questionable squat form.

So without further adieu, let’s go ahead and scope out some of the reasons why the MADness might not be for you:

10. We lock the doors promptly at the start of class. No late arrivals!

9. We don't offer a first free class.

8. We don't offer open gym.

7. We don't offer daycare.

6. We purposefully avoid a pop-ridden playlist.

5. We require shirts and shoes on the training floor.

4. We require class reservations - spots are limited.

3. We encourage clients to train with us four times per week. Not five, not six, and definitely not seven.

2. We do not primarily focus on cardio.

1. We are expensive!

So what do you think? Does this list compile some of your biggest fitness studio no-no’s? Or is it conversely driving you towards our doors? While it's no secret that we're proud as hell of our unicorn concept, we understand and respect your preferences should you lean towards the former...we’re just simply unable to accommodate them. If you lean towards the latter...we’ll see you on the training floor and look forward to helping you crush your goals.