Enough of this HIIT Shiit


Today’s formula for HIIT:

Step 1. Choose a bunch of random exercises.
Step 2. Everyone goes bonkers over the word “TABATA”, so let’s do all of our random exercises for 20 seconds and then “actively recover” with high knees for 10 seconds.
Step 4. Pat yourself on the back for sweating your ass off.

Sound useless? It is. And unfortunately, the fitness industry is saturated with it. Whether it’s on a stationary bike, the treadmill, at a bootcamp, or on your favorite influencer's IG TV or YouTube channel, it seems like HIIT has become the disciple of fitness...despite many subscribers not truly understanding what HIIT actually is.

So let’s define HIIT, shall we? The American Council on Exercise (ACE) defines it as “repeated bouts of short duration, high intensity exercise intervals intermingled with period of lower intensity intervals of active recovery.”

This relatively straightforward definition has seemingly taken on multiple meanings. Most people associate it with one speed: as fast as you possibly can, at all possible times (and unfortunately, too many fitness leaders and products perpetuate that philosophy). And then there’s another segment of the fitness consumer that incorrectly assumes ANY level of interval training is synonymous with HIIT. Let’s be clear: interval training ≠ HIIT.

At MADabolic, we essentially flip the bird to ALL interpretations of HIIT. At no point — in any MADabolic interval — will you be training according to any HIIT principle. Why not?

Because we’re here to train you. Working out at MAD is fun as hell, but each workout and movement within is designed to stimulate progression and results…not to entertain you. And performing random shit for a random period of time achieves random results.

Because we value rest, and you should too. While HIIT may be sweaty and high energy, that doesn’t immediately quantify an effective workout. HIIT is incredibly taxing on the central nervous system and is a high-stress, unnecessary path to take in the interest of progress when it’s the only training format you engage in. Even in our most intensely paced intervals, we provide you with equal (sometimes greater) periods of full blown rest (….not “active recovery”).

Because we lead with strength…and regularly engaging in HIIT-style workouts has been shown to disrupt actual improvements in strength and power, so there’s quite literally no need to incorporate HIIT into our progress-oriented training program.

Sure, you can wreck yourself by mingling chaotic box jumps with random high knees and burpees (with the overhead clap…can we just not and say we didn’t?). You might even vomit, but at least you ran that treadmill raw!!!!!!!

OR…you can enjoy a structured program that prioritizes strength and allows you to slow down so you can focus on quality movement patterns and make meaningful progress. Consider this your official permission slip to enjoy your damn rest and see better results.