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410 S Dawson Suite 120
Raleigh, NC 27601

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Rob & Emily Barton

Originally From : Raleigh, NC

Position at MADabolic

Years With the Company

Rob: CrossFit Level 1
Emily: NETA Group Exercise

Athletic Background
Rob: 4 Year Starter at shooting guard in HS Basketball, then started for one year at Vance Granville Community College.

Athletic Awards/Achievements
Won JV State Championship in 2004. Training Beliefs : Stick to the program! This includes nutrition! Getting classes in 4x a week and supplementing with a few active recovery/rest days is key to seeing results.

What You Love about MADabolic
We love the structure and attention to detail, and that MAD is a strength based training program. MAD is fiercely effective yet designed for longevity. Since the program is focused on quality of movement over quantity, we feel MAD is the perfect compliment to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle.