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Finley Funsten

Originally From : Chicago, IL

Position at MADabolic
Co-Owner and General Manager, MAD CLT

Years With the Company

SFG 1 (StrongFirst Kettlebell), ISSA Strength Specialist, ISSA Sports Nutritionist, Precision Nutrition 1

Athletic Background
After swinging a field hockey stick for the first time in grade school, she clung to the sport all way through college, where she played four years of Division I Field Hockey at Davidson College in North Carolina.

Athletic Awards/Achievements
3x All-Conference, 2x Conference Offensive Player of the Year, 2x Conference Overall Player of the Year; current Davidson College record holder for: career points, career goals, single season points and single season goals.

Training Beliefs
My training belief is grounded is tough love, so here we go. Get under some weights. All of you. Everyone. There is far too much evidence supporting the universal benefits of strength training. Longevity aside, let’s be honest…feeling good naked is a large piece of what drives you to the gym, and body composition changes happen by lifting heavy $h!t (and eating like you care)! If you can carry your kids around all day, lug grocery bags stuffed to the brim, and throw your overpacked suitcase in the overhead bin…do you really think those 5lb dumbbells are doing anything for you? Most of you can sling far heavier weights than you realize. Just humor me and give it a try (you’re not going to get bulky, I promise)!

What You Love about MADabolic
Here are the spark notes on why I eat, sleep, and breathe MAD: Instead of a cheerleader, you’ll find a trainer. Instead of screens, simulations or microphones, you’ll encounter 1:1 human interaction and accountability. Instead of a poppy Top 40, you’ll hear a gritty playlist. Instead of “toning”, you’ll lift weight and build meaningful strength. Instead of treadmills, you’ll run on the actual ground. Instead of counting reps, you’ll move well for an allotted period of time. Instead of chaos, you’ll find structure and purpose. Instead of gimmicks, you’ll experience results. Instead of burning out, you’ll keep coming back for more.