Understood by the locals to be the perfect "Adult Playground," The Yard is poised to suit your grown-up needs. From the winery, to the coffee roaster, brewery, sake distillery, whiskey distillery, food trucks, the list goes on. Throw MADabolic in the middle of the strip, and there's really not much more you could ask for!

440 East Saint Elmo Rd, Suite E-1
Austin, TX 78745

(512) 358-4145


Jon Guida

Originally From : New York

Position at MADabolic
Owner MAD Austin

Years With the Company 
Member since 2015, Owner since 2017


Athletic Background
Professional Basketball player in Europe, Qualified & played on the Professional Beach Volleyball Tour (AVP)

Training Beliefs
Safety & Efficiency. Whatever the plan/movement/philosophy is, I always ask: 1) Is it safe?, and 2) Is it beneficial? There's a lot of junk out there in the fitness world: goofy movements, silly gadgets, baffling theories, etc. I choose to begin to weed through it all by asking myself those two questions, and taking it from there.

What You Love about MADabolic
To begin with, see my answer to the previous question. When I took my first step as a MADabolic member in Raleigh, NC, I knew this was the program for me. Having trained as both a collegiate & professional athlete, this program resonated with me immediately. The organization and flow of the workouts, the clarity of what's expected, and the no-BS approach to strength & conditioning immediately takes me back to my days while still playing competitive ball. Since becoming an owner, it's been an amazing experience to see this community of MADones take life. The camaraderie among this family is something I didn't expect, but I couldn't imagine living without!