Trainer Spotlight: Rachel Martell, MAD DMV


The entire month of June, we are celebrating the MADabolic origin story. Most people know by now but our two Co-Founders, Kirk DeWaele and Brandon Cullen, spent time in the professional hockey world. We’ve always valued their professional hockey background and the critical role it plays in the athletically-inspired programming from the interval names, to the movements on the floor and more.


Over the past 11 years of MADabolic, some things have changed but many have stayed the same – that includes the immense emphasis that we place on having a well-rounded, technically excellent training staff.


We’re excited to kick off our very first Trainer Spotlight during our MADabolic origin story month with Rachel Martell. It wouldn’t feel right if we didn’t choose a trainer who didn’t have a hockey background. Rachel has been a client of MADabolic DMV since 2020 and recently became a trainer early this year.


Having been a collegiate hockey player, she was initially drawn into MADabolic due to its hockey background but the thoughtful programming which has helped her to age athletically keeps her coming back for more! Check out Rachel’s Q&A below.


Q: Where do you coach and how long have you been both a trainer / training there?

A: I have been training at MAD DMV since 2020 and became a trainer in January 2022. 


Q: Share your hockey background with us:

A: You come out of the womb on skates in Wisconsin (haha) so I've been playing my whole life! Age 3 all the way through NCAA D3. I still dabble in an adult league to get my 'on ice' fix. 

Q: What drew you to the MADabolic brand?

A: The hockey background drew me to MAD, but the thoughtful programming kept me coming back for more!

Q: How has MADabolic helped you to “age athletically?"

A: Madabolic has helped me age athletically by SLOWING me down. Putting an emphasis on time under tension has allowed me to improve how well I move (and I am forever grateful). 

Q: What is your favorite thing about MADabolic?

A: I appreciate this community and the people mostly!!! Also, the competitive push as an athlete and the focus on moving safely and correctly!

Q: What theme (M.A.D.) and interval is your favorite?

A: Anaerobic days, baby!! Yard Sale is my #1. The intensity and the mental push to get through it is unmatched. 


Q: Favorite and least favorite movement at MAD?

A: Least favorite movement: parallette shoot throughs of course. Favorite: zercher squat.


Q: What kind of music do you like to listen to to hype you up for a workout or coaching?

A: Any hyped up remix with a good vibe!


Q: Any advice to a newcomer that is interested in trying out MADabolic?

A: Don't be intimidated by weight! Especially my fellow females. Also, be coachable! Regardless of your fitness background, I guarantee that you'll learn something on any Madabolic training floor. 


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