The Supplement Absolutely Everybody Should Be Taking


We may sound like a broken record when we dub Stronger Faster Healthier as the highest quality supplement brand on the market, but that's only because it’s true! Today calls for some special attention towards our very favorite supplement: SFH Omega 3 Liquid and Capsules. AKA: the fountain of youth.

Unlike the supplemental dietary fads that come and go, human necessity for high quality omega-3 consumption is essential…and it will always be essential. While you can absorb omega-3s from eating real food, most people under-consume natural sources of it – especially for those who don’t eat much wild-caught seafood (factory-farmed seafood typically carries an unfavorable amount of omega-6 fatty acids). Fortunately, SFH makes it easy to supplement that deficit.

The active components in fish oil are EPA and DHA – two essential omega-3 fatty acids which our bodies do not naturally produce (translation: we must get them from food and supplements). While their benefits are countless, here are just a few reasons that may compel you to supplement them to your diet:

  • General Health - prevention in modern disease (such as brain heath in relation to Alzheimer’s and depression); improved cardiovascular health (lower cholesterol and blood pressure, cancer prevention); improvement of skin disorders (acne and psoriasis); and alleviation of inflammatory bowel disorders (colitis and auto immune disorders).
  • Anti-Inflammatory Properties - EPA and DHA hit hard (and well) in post exercise recovery.  Strength training in the MADhouse increase inflammation and muscle oxidation. Reducing this response is beneficial in improving exercise recovery, reducing soreness, and preparing your body for its next bout of exercise-induced stress. TLDR: Constantly sore? Take your damn fish oil.
  • Muscle Development - EPA and DHA supplementation aids in muscle protein development and limits muscle protein degeneration. This can mean less muscle breakdown and more muscle growth.

SFH’s Omega-3 products are a premier choice for fish oil supplementation – one we highly recommend to those striving to achieve optimal health. We are the first to standby all of SFH’s protein-driven supplements; however, if there is ONE supplement we believe absolutely everyone should take, it’s SFH fish oil. You can fine both liquid and capsule form in all MADabolic locations, making it an easy habit to introduce into your health and wellness routine.