The Science and Human Factor Behind Interval Training


So we know intervals are important for athletes, but why are they important for everyday people?  
We like to look at this as a two part question.  You have the science behind it and you have what we call, the human factor.  So let's dive into the science a little bit.

The science is well-proven, studied, almost indisputable at this point.  You have three major energy systems that make up all of the energy expenditure in your body. You have the Oxidative system which is used for longer more sustained efforts, usually two minutes in length or above two minutes.   You have the Glycolytic system which is a moderate intensity usually lasting up-to one minute.   And then you have the Phosphagen system which is used for short bursts of speed and power, under 10 seconds.  
So you have these systems, they are what they are. And then you have the human factor which is our unique spin on the way we look at training, especially as it relates to MADabolic Inc. and Everyday Strength & Athleticism.

We believe that interval training is a real-time honest effort based on a person's ability. 
Right now in the fitness world, we are caught up in this crazy idea of more.  You have more reps, faster reps, hotter yoga rooms, ultra ultra distances.   So when the entire fitness world is craving more, we are teaching our clients to establish a focus.  Maybe it is  to move as well as you can as long as you can.  Reset when necessary but keep moving well.  Maybe it is to create a pace that you can build upon throughout the workout. And every once in a while it is your max effort for a specific amount of time. 

We've always believed that talking to everyday people, like everyday people, is a pretty intelligent way to train any level of client.
Brandon Cullen – CEO/Founder