The Perfect Athlete VS The Successful Business


The perfect squat or clean bathrooms?
Accountability or cheap rates?
The right playlist or a welcoming smile?
Innovative equipment or day care?
Program diversity or guaranteed results?
A familiar face or the best trainers?
Cardio or strength training?
Tough choices …
Real life questions …

At MADabolic Inc. we constantly ask ourselves these very questions. The perfect athlete and a successful business - while two completely different models - aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive. The perfect athlete’s program is typically linear, boring, yet very effective. The design of it is specific to the sport and often carries calculated risks to prepare the athlete for the demands of said sport. We come from this background and deeply respect this style of training, but we also believe this type of program is best kept for the competitive athlete.

The successful business model or “pop culture gym” is a little bit different. It’s clean and creative, contagious and trendy; but, unfortunately, has the potential to be very gimmicky. Oftentimes, the pursuit of drawing people in and looking great from the outside can detract from the results you’d get within the studio walls. In favor of feeding the general population’s thirst for constant variety, the value of consistency is generally overlooked. Nonetheless, many of these programs are very successful.

At MADabolic Inc., we work to blend the best parts of these two polar opposite concepts into one unique method. The overall goal is to keep people safe and engaged while producing consistent results. The struggle to remain relevant while staying true to our core values is an ongoing conversation and something we take pride in.

Regardless of the model, we believe all programs need direction and an ultimate goal. Our goal is to garner respect within the industry (and within our local communities) as a premier, results-driven, strength and conditioning program. The trust that our clients, peers, and other fitness professionals who train inside our walls place in us is what fuels our determination to remain a standout product.

Our trademarked workouts are synchronized across all locations, providing consistency and accountability. All movements are specific to the demand of the interval, chosen based on primary function, and employed into a best fit scenario. Strength is, and will always be, our number one priority. It’s what keeps our runners resilient and makes our yogis powerful, and it is a major distinction between us and our competitors. Our program is created in-house, is 100% proprietary, and unique to our brand. Every exercise and interval has a specific purpose and is part of a preconceived template designed to continually evolve and provide lasting results. It reflects our goals and direction.

We fully embrace competition and believe our product defies comparison. Our logo is infectious, our facilities are crisp, the bathrooms are spotless (yes, this is important) and and our music selection showcases the respective trainer’s personality while upholding our edgy standards. Every day we strive to be better than yesterday. Diversity happens, but quality will never be sacrificed to achieve it. It’s all part of the program. We use what works. MADabolic Inc. is the perfect marriage of true athletic experience that grew from trial and error. We did not meet this challenge overnight, but we are proud of what we have accomplished so far.

And here are the results to date: the majority of our clients are not professional athletes – although we can name a few. Our business model has not been perfected – but we’re working on it. Our typical community is capped at 300-350 members per location – we thought you’d appreciate that. And to this select few, we plan to deliver the best fitness experience on the market. We promise a well-balanced program; driven by creativity, results and a damn good playlist.

Brandon Cullen – Founder & CEO