Strength Training Focus Fuels MADabolic Franchise Expansion


After impressive organic growth in markets including Charlotte, Austin and D.C., the MADabolic fitness franchise is committed to systematic expansion in key markets nationwide. In fact, the fast-moving member in the boutique fitness industry is aiming to open 200 new locations over the next five years.

MADabolic recognizes that fitness is about a commitment to a certain lifestyle. The franchise empowers franchisees to fully embrace the MADlifestyle attitude toward achieving their personal best in fitness and in business. MADabolic brings the MADlifestyle with high-powered branding and workout consistency that attracts dedicated fitness enthusiasts and athletes. At the same time, franchisees are excited to adapt the MADlifestyle and tailor it to the unique needs of their individual communities.

“At MADabolic, we pride ourselves on being an outlier in the boutique fitness industry,” says Brandon Cullen, co-founder of MADabolic. “Our primary focus is on strength, which distinguishes us from other fitness programs that over emphasize cardio or Olympic weightlifting. MADabolic is not about the community the workout creates, but instead prioritizes the individual’s progress. In turn, that experience attracts a passionate, engaged culture of high-achievers – both as members and franchisees.” 

MADabolic sessions follow carefully designed templates drawn from key pillars: Momentum, Anaerobic and Durability. That dedication to customer empowerment means franchisees can count on loyal members who are as committed to the MADlifestyle as they are.

And, the good news doesn’t stop there. The gym, health and fitness club industry in the United States is expected to rake in revenues of $36 billion in 2019. With its sculpted approach to strength training and endurance, MADabolic’s strategic growth will capitalize on this thriving demand.

Entrepreneurs with strong athletic backgrounds and local ties who can identify with an outstanding commitment to the MADlifestyle will gain a wealth of opportunities with the MADabolic franchise family.

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