State of MADness : Confidence vs Paranoia


SoulCycle bans fitness instructors from its classes. 

And they say we are MAD …

You bet the title of this article caught my attention.

Is this possible?


The idea behind this thought process has my mind racing.

Paranoia about the stealing of “trade secrets” and instructor poaching is widespread in the industry, and some studios even include clauses in their waivers ensuring you’re not an instructor who teaches elsewhere. Gonzalez says he has also been banned from Equinox (which owns SoulCycle).

Joey Gonzalez owner of Barry’s Bootcamp.

Don’t get me wrong; I do understand the above concern. Much of what we do at MADabolic Inc. is all trademarked, proprietary information that is kept close to our hearts and behind closed doors. Our program, our systems, our look and even the delivery of our class structure are all highly confidential.  Yet, I still find banning fitness instructors from your class is a serious disservice to your community.

Since when is health and fitness supposed to separate people? Isn’t it supposed to bring people together? Or, like any competitive industry, is it about practices that just serve the bottom line?

Lindsey Clayton instructor at Bari, Barry’s Bootcamp, and Cyc

Exactly Lindsay … even though I don’t know you personally.


At MADabolic Inc, we take great pride in the fact that fitness professionals make up a huge portion of our clientele. To be honest, its flattering. We have expert yogi’s; seasoned cyclists, dedicated runners, barre enthusiasts and well respected personal trainers, all of which have chosen MADabolic Inc. as the strength and conditioning component in their active lifestyles.

We believe that this strengthens our overall community and provides an inspiring environment for our clients on a daily basis. The idea of someone empowering to share the struggle with, and sweating along side our cities most respected yoga and cycle instructors is nothing short of perfection. We love this and it will never change.

I’ve got an idea …

If you are nervous about your systems, evolve.

If you are worried about competition, be better.

We at MADabolic Inc. believe our program is perfect because it compliments any active lifestyle, and welcomes all fitness professionals.

So keep coming to class … everyone

We love having you.

You are an inspiration to us and our clients.