State of MADness - 2021 Program Design


2021 will be no exception to the continued evolution of our highly unique program design. But before we dive into the nitty gritty of our training protocol, let’s take a high level look at all the excitement you can expect from us this year:

  • Monthly programming Instagram Q&A with one of our co-founders
  • Monthly nutrition Instragram Q&A with the creator of the MADabolic Nutrition Blueprint
  • Educational blog posts per month (covering all things MAD, fitness, nutrition and lifestyle)
  • New locations as MADabolic continues to expand its footprint
  • MAD At-Home (our new digital platform set to drop in Q1)

Moral of the story - we have a lot to look forward to, and can’t wait to share it all with you. Now…on to the good stuff.


Driven by a very specific 52-week targeted approach, this calendar year consists of four 12-week cycles combined with four recovery-focused weeks. And while our year-in-advance programming efforts may not be news, our brand new 52-week structure is! Our updated layout will better accommodate a wide variety of schedules without compromising the ability to land on a perfectly balanced training regimen - all within the week, the month and the year.

Our programming is largely propped up by the science surrounding macrocycles, mesocycles, and microcycles, which enables us to deliver you the diverse yet consistent training style for which we’re known. Energy systems, work-to-rest ratios, well-executed movement patterns, grit, and recovery (yes, rest) will all factor into this intricate balance.

Although each 12-week cycle, month, and day is unique in design, together they feed into a specific focus and prop up our proprietary and universal system.



A contagious fusion of athleticism and endurance. Respect the build as your trainer leads you through an energetic progression in pace and intensity. Though a 2:1 work to rest ratio is consistent from start to finish, momentum intervals are designed to peak in the final minutes. Expect a slick combination of dynamic movements laced with plyometrics and multi-directional agility that will bring out your inner athlete.
  • The Focus : Athleticism & Endurance
  • The Pace : 70 -> 80 -> 90%
  • The Goal : A gradual build in pace & intensity
  • The Feel : Energetic


An intense exhibition of speed and power. This is the difference between "exercising" and "training." Driven by a 1:1 work to rest ratio, expect a sinister assortment of heavy and explosive movements paired with cardiovascular sprints that will send your beats per minute into overdrive.
  • The Focus : Speed & Power
  • The Pace : 100%
  • The Goal : An All-Out Max Effort
  • The Feel : Intense


A grueling display of strength and stamina. While this is often the missing link to most conditioning products, time under tension is a critical element of our programming. Expect a gritty selection of weighted carries, primal mobility and unilateral stability work that will force a slow, methodical grind to match a lengthier 3:1 work to rest period.
  • The Focus : Strength & Stamina
  • The Pace : 80%
  • The Goal : A Steady Grind.
  • The Feel : Grueling


The ideal weekly schedule to deliver optimal results consists of 4x MADabolic intervals per week. The basic equation and best advice we can give you is to commit to a consistent four day/week schedule with us.

Weekly Targets:
  • 4x MADabolic Intervals (Per Week)
  • 2x Passion Driven Workouts -or- Active Rest Days (Per Week)
  • 1x Day Off (Per Week)

Complementary Movement:
  • Passion Driven Workouts = Yoga, Cycle, LSD Cardio, Barre, Pilates
  • Active Rest Day = Easy Movement with No Agenda (Ex. Golf, Hiking)
  • Day Off = Complete Rest
Once you commit to your ideal weekly schedule, stick to it 90% of the time in 2020 and the proprietary program design will take care of itself. Do this, and we promise you results!

We also realize that schedules and family dynamics differ for everyone. For those who cannot commit to this exact regimen, shoot for 2-3x MADabolic intervals per week and you will still largely benefit from a scaled down version of our 4x/week recommendation.

And for those of you who leverage MADabolic as a complement to your primary fitness discipline (i.e. distance running, power yoga, competitive cycling, etc.), we highly encourage carving 2x sessions with us into your weekly training schedule to support some serious performance improvements!

Regardless of the scenario, the most important thing is that you commit to a consistent and sustainable schedule. Remember... routine is NOT the enemy!



Our proprietary TIER system provides a baseline set of standards tailored to each client's progress and athletic journey. These standards focus exclusively on the daily cardiovascular efforts independently controlled by our Concept2 machines: the Rower, the Bike Erg and the Ski Erg.
  • T1 = supports "Entry Level" strength and conditioning numbers
  • T2 = supports "Intermediate Level" strength and conditioning numbers
  • T3 = supports "Experienced Level" strength and conditioning numbers
  • T4 = supports "Advanced Level" strength and conditioning numbers
  • TT = supports "Competitive Athlete Level" strength and conditioning numbers


We realize this can be a little overwhelming. If you are in any way confused, please reach out to your local community leader for a more detailed explanation. They are well trained in all of our systems and will be more than happy to help you design an ideal schedule to complement your athletic lifestyle.


In a culture saturated with “the next big fitness trend”, consider us renegades. No fads or gimmicks, we simply execute what works : so come channel your inner athlete and see what it’s like to train at the industry’s only Strength-Driven Interval Training franchise.

Brandon Cullen
Co-Founder / Chief Concept Officer