"So MADabolic Is Just Like...?"


We get this question all. the. time. “What’s the difference between MAD and [insert program that strikes you as similar]?” We welcome this as an opportunity to educate clients and prospects on what makes us MAD, so we might as well get in front of it on paper (or screen).


Olympic weightlifting can be a highly effective training protocol when applied to the right population – specifically: olympic weightlifters or competitive athletes (predominantly collegiate- or professional-level individuals involved in a contact sport). While we respect the hell out of the barbell, it’s very unforgiving. Our [hard] stance is this: unless you’re willing to commit months, or even years, towards this highly technical skill, it can be dangerous when applied to a group setting. Olympic weightlifting is best programmed for the individual and should be geared towards the demand of their sport, supported by their current skillset. While we may be barbell-free, know this: strength training is our top priority. In fact, every single interval is structured around the strength element(s). Some of our favorite strength-building tools include kettlebells, dumbbells, med-balls, and more. Expect dynamic, functionally-driven weighted movement patterns that maximize output and minimize injury. A win-win for the everyday athlete.


“Interval-Driven” vs. “HITT”

High intensity interval training (“HIIT”) has taken flight in the industry. It’s sweaty, high energy, and efficient. However, it’s also taxing on the central nervous system and often misunderstood. INTENSITY, if executed at a true maximum output, can only be sustained a few times per week. Furthermore, “interval-driven” isn’t synonymous with “HIIT”. The American Council on Exercise (ACE) defines HIIT as “repeated bouts of short duration, high intensity exercise intervals intermingled with period of lower intensity intervals of active recovery.” With that definition in mind, let’s look at the varying speeds and foci of our own interval system (which we call “Protocol M.A.D.”):

  • Momentum” (70% > 80% > 90% effort) - Expect an athletic and gradual build in pace and intensity.
  • Anaerobic” (100% effort) - Speed and power is the priority…it’s your max effort and the pace should not be comfortable.
  • Durability” (80% effort) – An intentionally slower and grueling pace that challenges you to maintain proper mechanics through a longer, sustained effort

Our only interval style that might loosely resemble the concept of HIIT is “anaerobic”…but not really. These intervals force an equal, sometimes greater, period of complete rest (as opposed to the “lower intensity intervals of active recovery”) so that you can adequately recover enough to push an all-out effort. “Anaerobic” balanced with “momentum” and “durability” intervals distinguish an effective training regimen from “exercise”. A well-balanced system MUST include structured variety. Protocol M.A.D. provides you with that structured variety and is 100% proprietary and unique to our brand.  

We Punch…But We’re Not a Boxing Gym

Boxing plays an important role in the five functions of madness: torque. But keep in mind there are four other functions of athleticism programmed into each training session. With a modest 20% of the day allocated to the bag, we’d hardly call ourselves a “boxing gym”. If you’re looking to become a sound boxer and hone in on the finer skills of the sport, enlist in the knowledge of a legit boxing professional. We simply prefer to use the bag as a functional tool that enables clients to generate power through rotation…it also happens to be a hell of a lot of fun.

Metrics? Nah…

The opportunities to assign data to your workout are bountiful. Various fitness products have capitalized on the heart rate phenomenon in tandem with an overwhelming desire to measure activity. Workout-related metrics have proven to help people stay motivated and can establish focus. If you prioritize the stats behind a workout (calorie burn, fat burn, heart rate, etc.), or find them to be a motivational thrust, there’s no shortage of studios to implore you. We simply urge you to take the resulting data with a grain of salt, as – unless the technology is calibrated to the individual (or piece of equipment) before each class – the inaccuracies can be sweeping. We primarily avoid data integration to not detract from what we prioritize in relation to our programming: properly executed movement and one-on-one coaching.

Universal Programming...365 Days in Advance

Many group fitness programs rely on the experience of the franchise/affiliate owner OR the given trainer to create the “workout of the day”. Drawing on a combined 25+ years of credentialed training experience backed by a professional athletic background, MADabolic implements universal programming from the top down – a differentiator that is likely overlooked. Regardless of the MADabolic franchise, trainer, or class time you attend, the programmed workout and training experience will be the same. To sweeten the deal, know that your workouts aren’t randomly selected or left to chance. We take it a step further and program an entire year in advance to give you a premium bang for your buck and ensure you receive the most carefully structured, organized, and effective training on the market.

Extensive Trainer Onboarding & Credentials

Something many of you may not realize is the ruthless onboarding process we put our training staff through. Charisma and a nice smile might be a sought-after quality industry wide, but we place immense emphasis on the significance of a well-rounded, technically excellent training staff. Not only do we require legitimate strength and conditioning certifications (you’d be shocked by the number of studios that don’t require as much as a first aid cert from their instructors), but prospective trainers go through in-house training that lasts anywhere from four to eight weeks before they can take the schedule. The nature of our trainer onboarding is so extensive that roughly 30% of prospective trainers don’t even hit the floor. Consider it our own cut throat version of Natural Selection. For the individual who prioritizes human interaction and a high caliber of coaching that lends attention to proper movement mechanics (in addition to personality and a killer playlist), we won’t disappoint.

Limited Class Reservation Slots

At no point should you feel packed into the MADhouse like a bunch of sardines. As opposed to trying to ram as many bodies in our doors as possible, we prefer to place a reasonable cap on our class availability to complement the coaching demands of each workout. Maintaining an optimal trainer to client ratio is fundamentally critical to our program, as we like to make sure our trainer can see every single client move and provide correction and hands-on coaching across the board. No elbow-to-elbow crowds or microphones to be found here. Personal cues shall be delivered in a conversational voice and one-on-one interaction with your trainer will not be in limited supply.

We appreciate the “different strokes for different folks” mentality. And we totally get the appeal of the various programs with whom we may be compared to on the surface. However, upon deeper consideration, we think you’ll agree that you’ll be hard-pressed to find any other program like us.