Remember Field Day?


Remember Field Day?

Think back to your childhood, specifically grade school (kindergarten through 8th grade, I believe).  Field Day, sometimes referred to as “Sports Day” was an annual event devoted to everyday movement where students would express their physical attributes in a fun environment.  Games and mini-tasks that made up Field Day will differ from school to school and may include challenges such as Three Legged Races, Wheel Barrow Obstacle Courses and often “100m Sprints”.  

When I look back at these days I do remember my own personal competitive nature but I also recall enjoying the day as a whole.  It was something to look forward to, it was everyday athleticism at is finest.  It involved some competition, natural camaraderie and a fun day filled with movement.

Well, in our own MAD way we want to recreate Field Day!

For the past few years, one addition we have been working to create is our own unique performance test, or proving grounds if you will.  Essentially, a way for each of our clients to test their individual progress related to our program and their athletic gains.

Our biggest hesitation we’ve had to consider when creating this event was separating the idea of individual participants in competition with one another versus an individual evaluation unique to each client, their abilities and their personal journey with us.  Everyday Strength and Athleticism is a mindset that can vary from person to person and we would rather focus on each individuals personal progress versus the idea of an events top performer.

With that being said, the wait is over.  We are very happy to announce the first bi-annual #MADlifestyle Field Day that will take place Saturday, February 4th 2017.  All of our locations currently in operation will host their own Field Day in their respective communities. 

The Event - Locations
Arlington VA - MADabolic Arlington
Asheville NC - MADabolic Asheville
Burlington ON - MADabolic Burlington
Charlotte NC - MADabolic Inc. & MADabolic Elizabeth
Charlottesville VA - MADabolic Cville
Greenville SC - MADabolic Greenville
Mount Pleasant SC - MADabolic Charleston
Raleigh NC - MADabolic Raleigh

The Event - Goals
To add value to our current client base.
To create a unique measuring stick exclusive to our program.
To create a non-competitive environment from person to person.
To provide a baseline set of performance markers for individual accountability.

The Event - Standards
All movements must be performed with efficiency and inline with our standards.
All exercises must be performed in order.

The Event - Tasks
Lower Body Strength : KB TailPipe Squat / Total Reps                          
Upper Body Strength : DB Strict Press / Total Reps                          
Body Weight Strength : Push Up Variations / Total Reps
Power : Vertical Leap / Max Height (3 Attempts)
Agility : Dot Drill Test / For Time                        
Anaerobic Output : 45 Second Bike Sprint / Total Calories                                
Natural Athleticism  : Primal Medley / For Time
- 60 Foot of Bear Crawl 
- 60 Foot Chimp Shuffle 
- 60 Foot Sabertooth Crawl
- 60 Foot Broad Jump                                
Cardiovascular Stamina : 1000m Row / 5 Minute Time Cap                        

More details will soon follow …

Be sure to connect with your respective leaders for more specifics related to the event..

Brandon Cullen
The MADscientist