Reflections from Year One: MADabolic Strip District in Pittsburgh Rounds out its First Year in Business


This fall, MADabolic Strip District in Pittsburgh celebrated its first year in business. The studio is MADabolic’s first location in the state of Pennsylvania and is owned by brothers Jesse and Dan Holloway. The highs and lows of their journey from an idea to a physical studio came together as the brothers celebrated their first year in business, surrounded by a team of top-notch trainers and clients who have seen tremendous growth over the last year. 
With much to celebrate, the highlights of the last year included growing a place for clients to connect and become stronger, the growth and development of the training team, and establishing a strong and growing business partnership that will carry them forward. 

A Place to Become Stronger
Jesse and Dan agree the most rewarding part of the first year in business has been seeing the physical and mental shift in clients as they’ve committed to the MADabolic training protocol. 
“The strength-forward approach to MADabolic is underappreciated in the market,” explained Jesse. “It’s fun to work with former athletes and high performers, but the real victories are in working with people with limited background in strength training who see a big transformation as they learn to master the movements, build true strength, and have a total shift in their mindset. We’ve had so many clients transition from limited fitness history or from a cardio- or calorie-focused mindset to finding strength they didn’t know they were capable of.”
“Training together in-studio was a primary social outlet for a lot of members through the pandemic, and we are proud to have established a space where the team has been able to deliver healthy habits, foster positive relationships, and open endless opportunities for our members to make themselves better,” added Dan.
A Growing Team
“One of our biggest successes over the last year has been the development of our trainers,” shared Jesse. “Molly, Bella, and Chad started with us when we first opened our doors, and Chris and Kate joined the team several months later. The entire team came to us with a passion for health and fitness, and MADabolic’s structure provided them an avenue to hone in and become experts in the industry. Their passion and commitment to better our clients’ lives has truly helped steer us to where we are today. It’s been a highlight of the last year to see each of them grow and become their best selves.”
A Growing Business
While Jesse acts as General Manager and Dan helps with the strategic and administrative needs of the business, the brothers have found great value in their partnership. “A business partner can help balance you out and ground your crazy ideas before you try to implement them independently,” explained Dan. “For every good idea we’ve rolled out over our time in business, we first brought several bad ones to the table. We’ve saved a lot of headaches by being able to brainstorm and problem solve together as business partners.”
“There are a lot of challenges in running a small business, and I can’t imagine how much harder it would be without the structure and brand strength of MADabolic standing behind us,” said Jesse of MADabolic’s franchise model. “From marketing collateral to excellent programming to a team of experts who is there when we hit a bump in the road, I can’t imagine having done this on our own.” 

With year one under their belts, Jesse and Dan are well positioned to continue expanding their presence in the Pittsburgh area over their second year in business, now with a powerhouse team of training staff and the support of their member base behind them. 
Rooted in science, MADabolic’s distinctive fat-torching interval system is crafted around intentional work-to-rest ratios. The boutique concept offers a unique focus on strength training and attracts the everyday go-getter who prioritizes health and fitness. MADabolic’s uniquely purposeful approach provides unmatched results and offers a strong franchise investment opportunity.
With nearly 50 studios operating or in development, the brand continues to seek qualified franchise prospects with a vested interest in strength and interval-based training and connections to their local fitness community. Ideal franchisees are driven and passionate community leaders that members can look up to, ranging from former elite-caliber athletes to everyday fitness enthusiasts. 

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