Member of the Month: Lee McCartney, MADabolic Jupiter


Lee McCartney, member of MADabolic Jupiter, has lived an active lifestyle full of sports, skiing and the outdoors since her childhood. She has loved staying active but after a pretty intense back surgery in 2017, she was left feeling hopeless and wondering if she would be able to have that active lifestyle again.

She eased back into fitness with bikram yoga and running but she wasn’t able to find a program that felt just right or made her feel strong. She was always intimidated with dumbbells and barbells for the fear of hurting her back again, until she found MADabolic Jupiter almost a year ago.

Check out Lee’s Q&A below!
Q: How long have you been a member at MADabolic?  
A:  I joined in July 2021
Q: What drew you in to take your first class? 
A:  A few of my hairstyling clients and friends had posted about MAD Jupiter opening up and I trusted their opinions on loving it and decided to give it  a shot. 
Q: What is your favorite thing about MADabolic? 
A:  The programming is always perfectly challenging and I have seen true results. The coaches know my spinal limitations and have helped me with understanding why form is so important! 
Q: What interval is your favorite (M.A.D) and why? 
A:  Call me crazy but I love anaerobic days! I love the hustle and push. 
Q: What are your favorite and least favorite movements?  
A:  My least favorite movement is the ski-erg. I’ve gotten better at it but on Durability days with the ski erg on the floor I know I am in trouble.  Striking is my all time favorite. The feisty Irish in me loves getting my aggression out on the bag. 
Q: What has been your biggest  accomplishment since starting MADabolic? 
A: Staying consistent and moving up a lane in weights. It has been so cool to see real results from all of my time at MAD. I feel strong AF and I don’t have back pain. That is truly something that has rocked my world. I thought I would always be victim to back pain and MAD has taught me the tools to get my confidence back. 
Q: What’s your favorite way to stay active on your off days? 
A:   I have 2 dogs and anything outdoors with them is my favorite. Walking, running, hiking, biking or time in the ocean is always my go to. 
Q: What’s one fun fact about you that not many people know? 
A: My dream is to move to the middle of nowhere in the mountains and rescue all kinds of animals. It may not come as a surprise to most of the people that know me though haha. 
Q: What advice would you give someone who is hesitant to take their first class at MADabolic? 
A: Just sign up. Don’t overthink it. You’ll feel stronger every day. Just show up and watch how quickly your mindset and your composition changes. I am so grateful I did.

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