MADabolic: The Anti-HIIT Interval Training System


MADabolic, the industry’s first and only interval-based strength training franchise, is rooted in science. Not only is the program plan curated a year in advance; each day’s workout is crafted around intentional work-to-rest ratios. While the industry-leading programming MADabolic clients rave about utilizes intervals to torch fat, increase strength, and promote lean muscle mass, it is decidedly not HIIT.
In the world of boutique fitness, there is a giant misconception that you need to be exhausted, breathless, and on your ass at the end of every workout. It is this exact belief that prevents most individuals from making any kind of progress. Yet HIIT concepts remain a fad in the industry. HIIT-style workouts can be incredibly taxing on the central nervous system, and for many, can cause more harm than good, leading HIIT clients to experience burnout, injury, poor program adherence, and minimal strength gains. Why are MADabolic’s intervals better and more sustainable than HIIT alternatives?

  • At MADabolic, we believe variety is overrated, and consistency and repetition are where the magic happens. Each workout and movement within is designed to stimulate progression and results. Our members see continued progress over time, and our retention rates tend to be stronger than our peers’ in the industry. HIIT concepts often incorporate exercises that might look good on Instagram but aren’t thoughtfully implemented as a part of a balanced, progressive, and well-rounded program. It may come as no surprise that regularly engaging in HIIT-style workouts has been shown to disrupt improvements in strength and power. 

  • Every MADabolic workout hones in on a specific focal point: strength & stamina, speed & power, or athleticism & endurance. MAD’s distinctive interval system also incorporates intentional periods of rest. While this means we aren’t pushing to – or past – 100% effort every class, the purposeful use of these concepts makes our clients continue to move better, faster, and stronger over time. We encourage a routine of four days per week – not seven – to allow the body to recover through rest or active recovery between training sessions, allowing muscle tissues time to repair and clients to come back stronger week after week during our 12-week cycles. MAD’s structure minimizes the burnout and risks of injury and plateaued performance many HIIT practitioners experience.

  • MADabolic prioritizes form and moving well. We encourage clients to let the weight dictate the intensity of the workout, never focusing on how many reps are performed. Many HIIT concepts encourage blitzing through reps, which can lead to rapid deterioration of form, increase the risk of injury, and limit strength gains earned. Clients who are moving in a controlled, form-focused environment inevitably build greater strength and can safely lift more weight, resulting in greater improvements than gained through many HIIT concepts.

The intentional signature intervals to MADabolic’s programming are based on science. While we do believe in intervals, we quite firmly believe there’s no need to incorporate HIIT into our progress-oriented training program. More isn’t better. Structure is better. Purpose is better. Recovery is better. Routine is better. Better is better…period.
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