MADabolic Signs 12 New Franchise Locations During the COVID-19 Pandemic


Have you heard the news? We’re continuing our MAD growth streak across the country with an incredible group of franchisees. In fact, since March 2020, we’ve signed a deal to bring five new franchise locations to Houston, TX, three new locations in San Antonio, TX with an existing franchisee, and four more agreements to open new locations in:

Not to mention, we recently opened our newest MADabolic locations in Chamblee, GA with franchisee LaShell Estes and in Pittsburgh, PA with franchisees Jesse and Dan Holloway.

Our growth is earning us some buzz in the franchising trades. MADabolic was recently featured in the September issue of Franchise Consultant Magazine in an article that highlights our recent growth and safety measures in the gyms. The article also talks about the changes our team has made to keep members engaged and franchisees supported. One of the biggest initiatives included the launch of our Virtual Training Membership and the optional equipment rental program offered during the early stages of shutdowns.

“From kettlebells and dumbbells to rowers and bikes, these rentals were pivotal for members to keep their routines going and stay ahead of the game,” said Co-Founder and Chief Concept Officer Brandon Cullen. “They also served as an additional revenue stream for franchisees.” 

As the first and only strength-driven interval training concept, MADabolic owners have a first-to-market advantage. Not to mention, MADabolic’s existing footprint and capacity standards have already given us an edge. 

“Our model is built to support retention, not volume,” Cullen continued. “Guaranteeing the six-foot distance was easy for us. We didn’t have to adjust much. Not only will we continue to abide by the six-feet social distancing recommendation, but our training capacity and one-on-one feel will continue to thrive. Quality control and adequate traffic patterns for one-on-one coaching drive our training floor.”

Beyond the growth noted here, our rapidly expanding brand is preparing to open additional locations in select markets. The time is now to be a part of our MAD growth.

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