MADabolic's Strength-Driven Program = A Match Made in Heaven for Members and Franchisees Alike


MADabolic’s strength-driven interval training program is a perfect match for discerning gym-goers and aspiring entrepreneurs demanding more from the fitness industry. Rooted in science, developed by pros and backed by years of expertise, MADabolic’s proprietary interval system is precisely crafted to torch body fat and build lean muscle and strength for the long term.

MAD workouts are programmed by Co-Founders Brandon Cullen and Kirk Dewaele out of the Charlotte headquarters and synchronized across all locations. Through carefully crafted work-to-rest ratios, the program offers a challenging-yet-accessible environment that’s scalable to each member and fosters a loyal customer base from franchise to franchise. Enduring results built on strength-driven interval training principles make for satisfied clientele.

Long story short: better is better. No more revolving doors – MADabolic’s program goes where competitors won’t, achieving a new standard in group fitness and delivering the kind of consistency and accountability that members and franchisees alike crave. Such a well-rounded workout program checks off all the boxes for a fitness routine that’s anything but routine.

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