MADabolic Member of the Month: Ryan Foreman, MAD AVL


Ryan Foreman’s fitness journey began in May of 2020. He got his annual physical for work and saw that he weighed 387 pounds – by far the heaviest he’d ever been in his life. From there, he decided he needed to make a change to get the weight off.

He started his fitness journey by walking around downtown Charlotte, where he lived at the time, and then slowly transitioned to running a half mile at a time. He ran his first 5k in December 2020.

He quickly got tired of running and walking so he took to group fitness and found a local gym to do boxing and weight training. After moving to Asheville in April 2020, he wanted to find a group fitness studio to keep him motivated, especially since he didn’t know anyone in the area. MADabolic popped up on Google and he thought he’d give the intro trial a try.

Ryan notes, “Shelly was my instructor on day 1 and she walked me through all the movements for the day and helped me feel comfortable. I also met Jane and Heath my first day and they immediately introduced themselves and welcomed me to the gym. No one was pretentious and no one judged me.”

Since walking in the doors of MADabolic Asheville in April 2020, Ryan has been going consistently for 7 and a half months. Since starting his weight loss journey, he has now lost 115lbs. 

Currently, Ryan is going through the Asheville Police Department recruiting process and hopes to be an officer beginning in June 2022. With the help of MADabolic, he was able to go into his physical fitness test for the APD with confidence and ease. The MADabolic Asheville staff rave about having Ryan a part of their crew for his constant good attitude and coachability. Read more about his MADlifestyle below!

Q: How long have you been a member at MADabolic? 

7.5 months. since May 2021

Q: What drew you in to take your first class? 

I googled group workout gyms in the Asheville Area that had a boxing component. The google reviews sold me on trying it out as well as the introductory discounted class rate. I had also heard of MADabolic in Charlotte so I recognized the name. 

Q: What is your favorite thing about MADabolic? 

My favorite thing about MADabolic is the variety of workouts and intervals every day. It never gets boring and I look forward to seeing what's on the whiteboard when I come in everyday. Also, I'm pretty introverted but all of the trainers have made me feel comfortable and they know the right buttons to push to get the most out of me for my personality. 

Q: What interval is your favorite (M.A.D) and why? 

My favorite interval in Anaerobic because I like being able to go 100% for short periods of time with rest in between. There's no time to think and you can go all-out.

Q: What’s the movement you love to hate? 

My least favorite movement is kettlebell swings. They leave me feeling the most gassed when I'm done. 

Q: What’s your favorite way to stay active on your off days? 

My favorite ways to stay active on my days off are running along the French Broad river, running the Craven Gap trail and walking between breweries.

Q: What’s one fun fact about you that not many people know?

I was born in Heidelberg, Germany to Army parents.

Q: What advice would you give someone who is hesitant to take their first class at MADabolic?

There are four different levels you can choose with different weights so you can find a level that you're comfortable with and can complete. No matter what setup is laid out when you come into the gym, the trainers will get the appropriate weight for you and will push you based on where you're currently at. All of the members are great people, there are MADabolic events you can attend, and the trainers will follow up with you personally outside of class if you have any injury, issue etc.  

If there’s one thing that MADabolic prides itself on it is that our workouts are truly for all people at various phases of their lives. Whether you’re new to the fitness scene, a seasoned athlete, or mom of three, the MADabolic programming is suitable for all ages and backgrounds.

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