MADabolic Enhances Site Selection Strategy


Taps Dochter & Alexander’s National Advisory Group to Refine Consumer Behavior Analytics and Maximize Expansion Opportunity
CHARLOTTE, N.C. – MADabolic, the industry’s first strength-driven interval training franchise, has teamed with the National Advisory Group, a division of Dochter & Alexander to introduce a strategic advancement in the brand’s comprehensive site selection process. The announcement comes as MADabolic prepares to open nearly twenty new franchise locations already in its development pipeline and the dozens more projected for 2021. 
The National Advisory Group will act as MADabolic’s in-house real estate department, supporting corporate and franchisee site selection with deep analytics into consumer behavior. The real estate firm will also call upon its extensive experience in guiding franchise brand expansion. 
“We are reinforcing our site selection strategy to provide our franchisees with top tier support that will help ensure a strong membership base,” said Brandon Cullen, co-founder and chief concept officer of MADabolic. “The MADlifestyle is on the cusp of being woven into the fabric of American neighborhoods coast to coast and this is a major step forward.”
Jason Kastner leads the charge for the National Advisory Group, bringing more than a decade of experience with major retail, restaurant and fitness brands. His successes include skillfully guiding the expansion of Blink Fitness, a subsidiary of Equinox, and sweetgreen, the healthy, fresh food concept. With sweetgreen, he lifted the brand from a regional chain that had 25 restaurants in four markets to a national powerhouse made up of more than 100 restaurants in 12 markets. Prior to his experience at Sweetgreen, Kastner originated the real estate support system for franchisees with Blink Fitness. 
“MADabolic is a game-changing concept that is first to market in its niche category, and I couldn’t be more excited about what lies ahead,” said Kastner, who plans to turn MADabolic into a national juggernaut. “Every person associated with the concept is extremely passionate and all-in on the brand’s momentum. It’s wonderful to be tied to such a talented core group of individuals.”
Founded in Charlotte, N.C. by former professional hockey players Cullen and Kirk Dewaele, MADabolic currently has 12 locations open with 21 in development. The brand’s distinctive interval system is crafted entirely around work-to-rest ratios, which presents a challenging-yet-accessible environment for each client. Each 50-minute class includes a detailed description of the workout, an in-depth demonstration of each movement, and a carefully structured warmup to match the specific demands of the daily workout. MADabolic believes in the value of routine, which fosters a results-driven culture of go-getters who value structure, accountability and results.
At one-and-a-half to two-times the size of competitors, each location ranges from 3,000 to 4,500 square feet. This provides adequate traffic patterns and safe spacing between members and trainers. 
The strategic optimization of the site selection process comes as MADabolic continues to strengthen its system through franchising into key markets across the United States, including Arlington, Virginia, Atlanta, Austin, Texas, Charlotte, North Carolina, Washington D.C., Houston, Milwaukee, Pittsburgh, Raleigh, North Carolina and Silicon Valley, California. The brand is actively seeking qualified franchise prospects with a genuine interest in strength and interval training, as well as a connection to their local wellness community. They should also be willing to be hands-on with their business and confident in their ability to make it stand out in their market using the tools, support and resources provided by the MADabolic corporate team.

Ideal MADabolic franchisees are driven and passionate individuals that their members can look up to as role models, ranging from former elite athletes to everyday fitness enthusiasts.

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About MADabolic
Founded in 2011 by former professional hockey players, Brandon Cullen and Kirk Dewaele, MADabolic sets a new standard for group fitness, where anyone can channel their inner athlete. Rooted in science and backed by years of athletic experience, MADabolic’s signature intervals are designed to torch body fat, increase strength and promote lean muscle. 
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