MADabolic Announces New Signing in Long Island


MADabolic, the industry’s first and only strength-driven interval training franchise, is pleased to announce that a new agreement has been signed to bring the concept to Long Island, New York. The unit will be owned and operated by Christine Grippo.

Christine has been a life-long athlete, notching countless competitive races and three Ironman completions. Given her long term history with and passion for fitness, it was MADabolic’s unique approach to training, recovery, and nutrition that hooked her.

“In all my years of training, no one has ever told me to only workout four times per week,” she shared. “The philosophy is just so refreshing.” MADabolic’s industry-leading nutrition protocols was another factor in Christine’s decision. “Short-term challenges and restrictive diets permeate the fitness industry,” she notes. “MADabolic stands out in its sustainable and flexible nutrition philosophies. You all aren’t afraid to have the piece of candy or dessert…and you talk about it! Not enough people talk about it.”

The final driving force behind Christine’s pursuit of MADabolic was the structure behind the strength-driven programming – something she feels Long Island currently lacks. “I can’t wait to bring the structure and accountability behind the workouts, the trainers, and the entire client experience to the area.”

MADabolic’s distinctive training program is strength-biased and based on intentional work-to-rest ratios, offering a challenging yet scalable opportunity and unparalleled results. “Breaking into the New York market has been a major goal of ours since we started franchising,” says Co-Founder and Chief Concept Office, Brandon Cullen. “Partnering with Christine to expand our New York presence into Long Island is a very exciting opportunity for us, and she’s the perfect person to do it.”

Initially founded in Charlotte, NC, MADabolic has seen numerous openings in recent months across the country, including Washington, D.C., West Plano (TX), and Brooklyn (NY). Additional key markets will open soon, including Houston (TX) and a second unit in Austin (TX).

MADabolic has 98 studios operating or in development in markets across the country.

MADabolic is rooted in strength, structure, and accountability. From a top-notch strength-biased training program to robust operating systems designed to help owners thrive to a team of experts behind the brand, MADabolic provides franchise owners with a blueprint for success in any market. For information about the MADabolic franchise opportunity, please visit