MADabolic La Cantera Celebrates One Year in Business


This fall marks one year since MADabolic La Cantera opened its doors. Owner Dimple Patel has seen several shifts in her business over the last year as MADabolic has started to gain roots in the San Antonio fitness scene.

As the studio wraps up its first year in business, Dimple shared some of her key takeaways:

“We have a higher standard for our trainers than you see at other gyms, and one of the biggest changes we’ve seen over the last year is buy-in from our trainers,” shared Dimple. “It’s not a job where you show up and punch a timecard. You need to be invested in the MADabolic training protocol, have strong knowledge of the movements we perform on the training floor, and have a great ability to communicate effectively with clients. Our trainers do a phenomenal job. This differentiates us from other gyms and helps our clients see results.”

While trainer onboarding is extensive, Dimple is grateful for how her trainers’ high-caliber coaching sets MADabolic La Cantera apart. All MADabolic trainers hold national certifications and attend a multi-day MADabolic Training Camp before taking the schedule. Trainers must pass a test-out and stay current with ongoing education through MADabolic’s in-house learning paths. Dimple also looks for trainers who train as clients at MADabolic.

The buy-in from the MADabolic La Cantera team has translated to a mindset shift in the studio’s member base over the last year. “Many clients come to us from a cardio-driven background or with the mindset of needing to work out six-to-seven days per week at an all-out max effort. The mindset of these clients has started to shift.” Dimple explained.

MADabolic’s strength-driven interval training system is centered around intentional work-to-rest intervals. Each interval is tied to a prescribed effort level corresponding with the energy system being trained.

“Now, we see our members working out four days per week and truly honoring their rest periods during class. They feel stronger and have the reserves to push to a true 100% effort when called for. We see people break the cycle of overtraining. By committing to the system, they enjoy great results. We used to see more questions about what other workouts they should stack with their MADabolic routine, and the mindset around food was restrictive. More clients are now asking questions about nutrition, rest, and recovery.”

These changes have been rewarding for Dimple, who has roots in employee wellness programs. “Strength training has helped me feel healthier and more confident,” she shared. “It’s been great to see what this program has done for others, too. We’ve seen clients enjoy results that are more than just physical. We saw a client gain confidence which led to her promotion at work. We helped another client stay healthy and strong through pregnancy. It’s rewarding to be a source for all these things and more.”

A year into operations with MADabolic La Cantera, Dimple is proud of the growth she has observed in trainers and clients. With the experience of the last year under her belt, Dimple is ready for MADabolic’s continued growth in San Antonio. She has plans to open three additional studios in the city.

MADabolic has nearly 90 studios operating or in development. As the industry’s first and only strength-driven interval training franchise, MADabolic offers a results-driven strength training program, structured resources to ensure the success of studio owners, and a team of experts behind the brand.

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