Level Up with Game Day



Formerly known as “Field Day”, we’ve elevated this fan favorite event to “Game Day” and condensed it from a 90-minute saga to a stronger and more efficient 45-minute athletic experience. 

Bring your A-game:

We hold this performance-driven event twice per year to show you just how strong you’ve gotten since training with us. Through a series of events that measure strength, power, athleticism, and endurance, prepare to put your performance to the ultimate test.

If it’s your first time, consider your first set of results as your baseline against which to benchmark your progress. If you’ve been to Field Day before and are thinking to yourself “WTF bruh…how am I supposed to compare my previous results?” All we can say is: don’t overthink it. Plenty of the OG events still remain so that you can still compare previous scores, and our new events will simply allow you to add more dimension to future benchmarking and progress validation.

What’s changed…and why:

You’ll notice that many of our events remain the same; however, in line with our pursuit to constantly fine tune and perfect our product, we have elected to eliminate and/or replace a few of our original Field Day events that we no longer believe serve the purpose of this event. Here’s what you can expect to see (or not see):


We have removed the DB strict press, as push ups also serve to measure pure upper body strength. In efforts to consolidate Game Day, we don’t see a need to double up on upper body strength testing.


We’ve always tested your vertical prowess, but it’s time we measure your horizontal abilities. Broad jumps are the macaroni to the vertical leap’s cheese, so it’s only natural that we introduce this explosive movement to the testing roster!


Nothing new here! This challenging sequence remains our drill of choice to measure foot speed, agility, and overall athleticism. The only thing missing here is the former BikeErg sprint. We’ve eliminated this component in favor of sparing some juice for the lengthier more demanding Concept2 triathalon finale (which is where the BikeErg will be re-integrated).


Some of you have already expressed nostalgia for the axed primal combo. Plain and simple (likely in the spirit of competition), solid primal mechanics were too frequently compromised for the sake of speed. With that, in lieu of the old primal combo + 1000m row event, we are stepping it up! That’s right - all of your favorite Concept2 machines are making an appearance for the grand finale. Enter: the MADtriathalon. 500m SkiErg + 750m RowErg + 1000m BikeErg…back to back to back…for time (10:00 cap). Sound like a lot? Well…it is. However, given the condensed nature and the elimination of the former bike sprint and primal combo, we’re enabling you to maintain plenty of energy to show up and show out!