Is it Possible to Own a Successful MADabolic Franchise Remotely?


Hell yes it is. The proof is in the pudding. Evan Lindsay is a multi-unit MADabolic owner residing nowhere near one of his physical locations, and his gyms are performing better than they ever have in the past.

The key? Well, as always, it depends. It depends on the investor model (absentee vs. hands-on) and it depends on the strength and drive of the staff beneath you. In Evan's case, he's remote, but he's very hands-on with and accessible to his General Managers.

Let's hear from one of them. Marley Simonis is the GM in MADabolic Greenville, and shares with us what it's like working for an owner who's rarely inside the physical gym:

"Working with a remote owner has been a new experience for me, however, I figured out very quickly through my interview process with Evan that it was going to be a great experience. Honestly, it’s probably been the most ideal situation for me and I love it. Working with a remote owner requires a lot of organization and good communication – but this isn’t any different than working with someone in person – and I believe it makes us pay more attention to details and how we communicate day-to-day.

We have taken the time to learn (and are still learning) each other’s strengths, weaknesses, goals, and past experiences which I know has made us more successful as a team. We have established systems, schedules, regular meetings, and communication preferences which keeps us moving smoothly. Things break, as they do in any job, but we established early on that when this happens, we create solutions and better systems so we can avoid it in the future.

Expectations for my job as the GM have been laid out clearly, and Evan is very accessible when I need guidance, direction, or an extra hand on anything. He also understands that I function better when I’m given a task, goal, or expectation, and can work towards accomplishing those things without being micromanaged. Not only are my expectations clearly defined so I’m able to work towards making MAD Greenville the best gym it can be, but Evan also regularly provides resources or personal knowledge/experiences for me about gym ownership, management, and countless other personal and professional advancement skills so that I can continue to grow, learn, and thrive in this position.

Overall, I have learned a lot through working with a remote owner, and it can definitely be a successful model if executed well. Evan does a really good job, most days I don’t want to kill him!”

Well said, Marley. Well said.

In addition to MADabolic Greenville, Evan also owns and operates a very successful unit in Asheville, NC. Check out this podcast where Stu Brauer of WTF Gym Talk sits down with Evan Lindsay himself to jam on his success as a remote MADabolic owner.

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