In Great Company : bigtruck brand


"Seeking Fun and Adventure in Everything We Do." ~ bigtruck 

We take pride in surrounding ourselves with excellence.  Some people call it that "x" factor.  We see it as vibrant people, innovative brands and exceptional visions.  Much of our training and philosophy even supports this very mindset and our everyday client tends to embody the same burning desire to pursue the most out of life. 

We’ve been know to say ...

Nothing we do is by chance!  Every thought, interval, movement, color, logo, city, market, building, individual, owner, trainer, playlist, t-shirt, and #hashtag has a reason.  Every single idea has an exact purpose and a specific place within this company. 

Our newest partnership is no exception and bigtruck brand is a company that we've had our eyes on for some time now.  It is easy to admit that we are more then ecstatic to have this opportunity to collaborate with them.  They represent the essence we respect in life and they seem to live this to the fullest.  

“With bigtruck we wanted to create a movement and community connecting people through creativity and fun first.” Galen Gifford, CEO & Co-Founder, sought out adventure by leaving behind an extremely successful real estate career to pursue his passion in inspiring others to live life with a fun first mentality. From the initial inspiration, bigtruck has evolved from a local Lake Tahoe hat company into a global community that has chosen to reflect their passion for life, positivity and pride in what they wear. We believe that a hat is not just an accessory but an extension of ones personal. Each piece is the perfect blend of style, comfort and quality."

Set to arrive at all MADabolic Inc. locations in the next couple weeks are bigtruck inspired hats.  All have been individually created by bigtruck themselves and are designed to represent and support our MADlifestyle.  Labelled "Stitchers Choice" this selection will be very limited with some uniqueness from location to location and even hat to hat. 

As part of this launch we'd like to see your MADlifestyle in action.  All clients who post a photo of themselves to Instagram sharing their love for life while wearing their bigtruck collaborative hat will have a chance to win a $100 gift card from MADabolic Inc.  In order to qualify you must hashtag both #bigtruckbrand & #MADlifestyle to be included in this contest. 

So grab one while they are hot and celebrate your MADlifestyle. 

Brandon - Founder / CEO