How We Design Each Class - Q&A with Brandon Cullen


How Do You Design Each Day's Workout?
Our program is built off of two major components.  We have Protocol M.A.D. (Momentum, Anaerobic, & Durability) which are our intervals, and they provide the pace and tempo we're going to perform the workout at.
And then we have our movement patterns, we call them the 5 functions of MADness.  But pretty much, they're specific movements to fit the specific intent of the interval.

So a lot of times when people get familiar with our program, a question we get asked a lot is 'How do you design each day?'  So if we're to look at two ends of the spectrum, you have an Anaerobic day (speed & power focused), and then you have a Durability day (long, sustained efforts).

So, an Anaerobic day, we need the movements to take on the life of that day's interval (based on speed and power) - kettlebell swings, heavy squats, powerful based body weight movements make sense on an Anaerobic day.  As opposed to a Durability day (long, uphill grind) - you might see heavy carries, lunges, slower stability based movements that take time to perform because they're going to be performed for a long effort.

How Do You Plan Each Week's Classes?
We work off of a 52 calendar year that is programmed in advance.  Within that 52 week year, we have four 12 week cycles, which gives you 48 weeks and 4 off weeks, which gives us a reset where we can re-focus where needed.

So once we have this structure in place, we like to program 1-2 weeks out, and the reason we do that is it allows us to be honest and authentic with our programming.  We're constantly re-educating ourselves and re-tweaking things, even the coaching cues we give to our clients.  So we think that programming 1-2 weeks out within this structure keeps it fresh.

Are Workouts the Same at Every MADabolic Location?
We design the workouts here at our flagship location in Charlotte, NC and then synchronize each day's workout to each of our locations.  So you should experience the exact same workout no matter which MADabolic location you're at.  Essentially, it should be like you're training here with us.

Every one of our trainers is trained to deliver the exact same experience that is developed here, so we do believe this is a huge asset to us.