How to Create the Perfect Week of Fitness


The basic equation for optimal results is simple: commit to a consistent four-day/week MADabolic schedule, layer in active recovery, and schedule your rest (yes, REST is required to reach the results you seek).

For Mr. and Mrs. MADabolic who hold an Unlimited Membership and need some additional guidance on how to best wield that membership, we recommend the following breakdown:

Weekly Formula:
4x MADabolic Intervals*
1-2x Active Recovery Days
1-2x Scheduled Rest Days

Complementary Movement:
Active Rest Day = deep stretch, long walk, easy bike ride, golf, etc. (think: easy movement with no agenda)
Scheduled Rest = complete day off

*Ideal M.A.D. Training Splits
Monday / Tuesday / Thursday / Saturday
Tuesday / Wednesday / Friday / Sunday
Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday / Friday

We also realize that plenty of you may have other fitness passions that exist outside of our doors - power yoga, distance running, competitive cycling, triathlons, dance, etc. We have no interest in taking that away from you…on the contrary, we want to strengthen it.

While coming to MADabolic once per week or sporadically popping in won’t accomplish much beyond leaving you chronically sore, we DO know that carving 2x MADabolic workouts into your week in tandem with your primary passion will breed results.

For those who cannot commit to the 4x/week regimen, and instead leverage MADabolic as a complement to your primary discipline - whether it be power yoga, distance running, competitive cycling, dance, etc.) - we recommend the following breakdown:

Weekly Formula:
3-4x Passion-Driven/Primary Workouts
2x MADabolic Intervals (Per Week)*
1-2x Scheduled Rest Days (Per Week)

*Ideal M.A.D. Training Splits
Monday / Wednesday
Tuesday / Saturday
Wednesday / Friday

Once you commit to your ideal weekly schedule, stick to it 90% of the time, and the proprietary program design will take care of itself. Do this, and we promise you results (which you can directly measure through Game Day)!