General Manager Spotlight: Marley Simonis of MADabolic Greenville


Marley Simonis runs the show at MADabolic Greenville, and embodies the #MADlifestyle through and through. Join us in diving a little deeper into her life as the General Manager of MADabolic Greenville!

Q: Where do you coach and how long have you been both a trainer / training there?
A: I am a coach and the GM at MAD Greenville. I moved to Greenville in July of this year, starting as the GM, then began coaching in August. I trained at MAD Asheville from 2018-2021.

Q: Share your athletic background with us:

A: I was a swimmer from childhood to high school and have been a dancer my entire life. Though I didn’t play “real sports,” I got my Master’s in Athletic Training and have enjoyed watching sports and keeping athletes on the field ever since.

Q: What drew you to the MADabolic brand?

A: MADabolic has set themselves apart from the rest of the group fitness realm in countless ways which drew me in and kept me here. I have continued to be incredibly impressed by the thorough programming, the approach to nutrition, and the dedication to client’s progress and safety. As an Athletic Trainer, proper lifting technique is of the upmost importance to me and I had never been in a gym that emphasized superior movement like MAD.

Q: How has MADabolic helped you to “age athletically?"
A: On a daily basis, I’m finding there are things I can do in life a lot easier now that MAD is a consistent part of my life. Deadlift my new lawnmower out of the box? Easy. Haul all 15 bags of groceries in one trip? Done. Lift my 60lb dog into the bathtub without injuring either of us? Accomplished. I’ve also drastically decreased my half marathon times over the years and have had no overuse injuries from overtraining.

Q: What is your favorite thing about MADabolic?

A: The culture, hands down. It’s top down from Charlotte to the rest of the MADabolic locations, the atmosphere that is cultivated at MADabolic creates an environment you WANT to be at. You WANT to get stronger, you WANT to eat better, you WANT to live that #MADlifestyle. It’s contagious and that culture has attracted so many cool people to the gym floor who have now become my friends!

Q: What theme (M.A.D) and interval is your favorite?
A: Momentum is likely my favorite with Anaerobic as a close 2nd. I love the challenge of pacing yourself through the momentum intervals while also getting to do a wider variety of movements within the workout. Forecheck, Backcheck, Paycheck is my favorite interval, barely beating out ECHL.

Q: Favorite and least favorite movement at MAD?
A: GET THE BODYSAW OUT OF HERE. Favorite is a 3-way tie between SA KB clean to push press, OTS cleans, and snatches.

Q: What kind of music do you like to listen to to hype you up for a workout or coaching?
A: HIP-HOP/RAP from the early 2000s. But also, my girls Britney, Ke$ha, Lizzo, and Nicki.

Q: Any advice to a newcomer that is interested in trying out MADabolic?
A: Well, one: why haven’t you yet? Guaranteed you won’t regret it. And once you come… Introduce yourself to someone! Not only are you going to get a killer workout from the incredible programming, so many of my best friends were made through MAD!