Game Day 2023


Moving into 2023, we're adjusting our annual Game Day cadence to hold this event two times per year on the Saturday of Q1 and Q3's Deload Week, to help safely track your progress over your time training with us. Through a series of events that measure strength, power, athleticism, and endurance, prepare to put your performance to the ultimate test.

Our first Game Day of 2023 is set for Saturday, April 1. If it’s your first MADabolic Game Day, consider your first set of results as your baseline against which to benchmark your progress over time. If you’ve participated in the past, this is an opportunity for you to compare your metrics over time -- think progress validation.
Like in your regular MADabolic classes, the intensity of each of our baseline tests is dictated by the individual. 

Here's what you can expect to see at Game Day (and what we’re measuring):

This test measures pure strength through the lower body. Weights range from 30-90 pounds, and your score will be the total number of reps completed. 
This element of Game Day tests pure strength through the upper body. Your score will be the total number of reps completed. If ring pushups aren’t you’re jam, we will offer strict pushups as a modification. Note which style of pushups you complete on your scoresheet, so you’ll have a full snapshot of your output this Game Day vs. the next. 

Come ready to load and explode. This test measures your horizontal prowess and explosiveness. Your score is your maximum distance jumped in your best of three attempts.

This challenging sequence is our drill of choice to measure foot speed, agility, and overall athleticism. You’ll perform five different dot patterns during this timed test. 

That’s right - all your favorite Concept2 machines will make an appearance for Game Day’s grand finale. Enter: the MADtriathalon. 500m SkiErg + 750m RowErg + 1000m BikeErg…back-to-back-to-back…for time (10:00 cap). Sound like a lot? Well…there’s not much sugar-coating this one…it is. There’s a reason this is the final test of Game Day.
All movements must be performed with efficiency and in line with our standards for your reps to count toward your score. 
Game Day, like our overall programming approach, is purposefully timed within our training cycle. If you’ve been training with us consistently for (at least the bulk of) the last 12-week strength cycle, you’ve been preparing for this moment all along. And after deloading the week of Game Day, your body will be primed to perform when it comes to these tests. 

Game Day Prep
Starting on the last Saturday of 2022 and moving into 2023, a new component of our Game Day rotation is the introduction of "Game Day Prep": a unique interval that will only fall on the Saturdays of Deload Week in Q2 and Q4.

Just like any other MADabolic interval, this workout will fall into your location's standard Saturday class schedule, and will be packed into the usual 50-minute timeframe.

What distinguishes "Game Day Prep" from our other intervals is its intentional integration of the five Game Day movements. You can also expect a unique application of our Momentum theme, consisting of all of our work to rest ratios, starting with a 3:1 cycle, transitioning to 2:1 cycle in the middle, and finishing with strong and faster-paced 1:1 cycle. "Game Day Prep" is 
designed to do exactly as its titled - prepare you for Game Day. 

Stay tuned for your local studio to post their Game Day and Game Day Prep schedules soon.

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