Franchising with MADabolic: Five Ways We Provide Ongoing Support


At MADabolic, there's a meticulous method behind the MADness on the training floor and in how we do business. Franchising with MADabolic ensures the strength, structure, and accountability you need to open and operate a successful studio.

But the resources and support that MADabolic provides don't stop once you open your doors. We are committed to the success of our franchise partners and invest in ongoing brand development efforts to enhance th experience of our legacy partners. Here are five ways MADabolic provides ongoing support to our franchise partners after opening:

1. Universal Programming. The biggest asset we provide our franchise partners is our training program. Planned 365 days in advance, our proprietary strength-driven interval training system incorporates progressive overload that is purposefully periodized through the year. The year is broken up into four, 12-week cycles, each separated by a "deload week" designed to enhance recovery and prepare you for the load of th enext 12-week training cycle.
"Each class is developed at our flagship location in Charlotte, NC, and is synchronized with each of our locations through an internal platform that calls out points of performance, common movement flaws, and tips on how trainers can cue clients through each movement patters," shared Brandon Cullen, MADabolic's Co-Founder and Chief Concept Officer. "You should experience the exact same workout no matter where you are, who is coaching, or the time of day you take class."

As a MADabolic franchise partner, you'll never need to worry about program design or the synchronicity of individual trainers teaching or programming classes that don't fit into a broader and intentional training protocol. The underlying training philosophies of the MADabolic system are results-driven and encourage sufficient rest to reduce the likelihood of overtraining or injury. As a result, we see high member retention rates system-wide, benefitting the bottom line for studio owners. 

2. Regular One-On-One Check-Ins. Through your first year in business, you'll meet monthly with our corporate team. Together, you'll establish a grassroots marketing game plan, review your studio-level metrics, identify potential leaks in your sales funnel, and set goals to maximize key indicators, like sales metrics, retention rates, and memmber referral numbers. This insight from our team helps studio owners and General Managers identify opportunities to continue to streamline their operations and course-correct quickly before any possible inefficiency has the chance to meaningfully impede business performance. 

"These regular calls serve as an additional layer of support to make sure our franchise partners are thriving in the way they should be and that the systems we've created to make their lives easier are in place and running optimally," shared Finley Funsten, MADabolic's Director of Culture and Experience.

After your first year of operation, the frequency of these check-ins moves to quarterly, as by this point most studios tend to be operating smoothly, but we remain available for check-ins or additional guidance as needed for the duration of your agreement with MADabolic. Ultimately, we view the franchisee-franchisor relationship as a long-term partnership, and we are invested in your success.

3. Monthly Franchise Network Meetings. MADabolic prides itself in the human element it adds to the franchise experience. When you franchise with us, you'll get to know our team directly. Uniquely, every member of our executive leadership team has a personal financial investment in MADabolic, demonstrating their personal commitment to your success as a franchise owner and the longevity of the brand. This begins in the discovery process when you are immediately introduced to members of our leadership team, not just a salesperson reading a scripted pitch. This commitment carries through to the long-term relationship formed with our corporate team as a franchise partner.

Each month, our corporate executive team hosts a meeting for all franchise partners. This helps us communicate key brand-level updates with you directly and provides a regular, dedicated space to share resources, challenges, and successes to benefit the entire network. We've found that great ideas can come out of these discussions that benefit us all. We've also seen that regular, direct lines of connection help minimize confusion and can help misunderstandings surface early so we can course-correct before an obstacle becomes overwhelming. We care abour your continued access to our teams during your tenure as a MADabolic franchisee and think you'll benefit from relationships formed with owners in our network. 

One thing that sets MADabolic apart on the training floor and in how we approach the franchise partnership is our commitment to do the little things right. This includes developing a network of franchise owners who build a meaningful, system-wide support system. 

4. Ongoing Access to Brand Collateral and Marketing Materials. One common reason to opt into a franchise model is to gain access to proven systems and successful structures that the franchisor has already tested and refined. This allows you to focus less on what color to paint your walls, where to source your equipment, or how to approach lead generation to get clients in your door and more on developing your business to become profitable.

With MADabolic, you'll have all the tools you need when it comes to logos and design. In fact, each studio has a custom watermark and mural work that celebrate the local city but still unifies the MADabolic look and feel system-wide. But brand support certainly doesn't stop there. Investing in the MADabolic franchise opportunity means continued access to brand collateral, marketing materials, and the overall proof of concept you need to ensure your business is a success in your market.

Our franchise partners enjoy access to imagery and copy that our corporate team creates and share on an ongoing basis to help you populate social media channels, email campaigns, and more. From a carefully curated corporate Instagram presence to a podcast hosted by MADabolic's Co-Founder, Brandon Cullen, to a web presence populated with programming and nutriiton resources, this multi-channel brand validation is a win for franchise owners across our network. Our partners love having access to high-quality content they can use at the unit-level without reinventing the wheel. 

5. Robust Learning Management System for Onboarding and Ongoing Education. When you franchise with MADabolic, we ensure you have the resources necessary to seamlessly onboard new staff, effectively generate leads, sell memberships, retain clients, appropriately establish a chart of accounts within your accounting software, and more.

Our learning management system, "The Getup," provides comprehensive onboarding systems and training materials to support your studio ownership journey. From easy access to brand assets and softwares to onboarding learning paths for new staff at all levels of the business (including fron desk staff, General Managers, and trainers), consider it your catch-all platform.

The Getup is also continually updated with resources, providing ongonig training such as video refreshers on points of performance and common movement flaws to look out for with all the exercises you'll find on our floor. It also serves as a hub for teams system-wide to share challenges or resources, ask questions, and exchange ideas. By strengthing lines of communication across our network, we help MADabolic franchise owners and staff at all levels of the organization feel connected, supported, and empowered with the resources they need to be most sucessful.

Our focus on doing the little things right in support of our franchise partners drives results, fueling client conversion. Ultimately, this increases MADabolic franchise owners' potential to succeed. 

Our approach to franchising blends proven systems, robust training platforms, and extensive resources, setting up MADabolic franchise owners for success in any market. With nearly 70 studio locations operating or in development, MADabolic continues to expand in major markets from coast to coast. For more information about hte MADabolic franchise opportunity, please visit