Bulking up in Key Markets, MADabolic Gears up for 2020 Growth


The fitness industry might be booming, but it’s inundated by far too many fitness concepts based on the same old formulaic approaches. It’s why MADabolic – the fast-growing athletic strength and conditioning franchise – stands out, racks up rave reviews, wins loyal members and turns the heads of new franchisees.

The powerful fitness concept fueled a stellar end to 2019 as it pumped up its presence in key markets across the U.S. and garnered national and local media interest. MADabolic opened its doors in Washington, D.C. and signed agreements to expand in Atlanta and launch in Pittsburgh and Stamford, CT. The boutique fitness franchise also experienced continued growth in existing markets such as Austin, Raleigh, Charlotte and more.

And, this past October, the brand’s franchise team, trainers and members celebrated the concept’s eighth anniversary in style in MADabolic HQ’s city, Charlotte. Filled with drinks, good food and dancing, the celebration served as the perfect reminder of how special the MAD community is. MADabolic is proud to foster such a strong culture, and while it may not focus on cardio and high-fives, people love being a part of the MAD movement.

MADabolic focuses on strength and conditioning as opposed to a blind dedication to routine cardio or ab work. In keeping with the acronym that anchors its name, MADabolic focuses on a trio of signature interval themes: Momentum, Anaerobic and Durability (MAD). Tailored and purposeful exercises ensure that gym members achieve their fitness goals and unleash their inner MADass.

As MADabolic continues to carve out its niche in the fitness industry and expand into new markets, the concept has its sights set on what’s ahead in 2020. Self-motivated entrepreneurs understand what it takes to stand head and shoulders above the pack in a rapidly growing industry. They see that MADabolic’s dynamite approach to strength training attracts a dedicated member base. Franchise candidates with an impressive athletic background of their own can trust MADabolic’s systematic and results-oriented formula to rack up impressive gains.

MADabolic’s phenomenal success in 2019 is set to power even more growth in the new year and beyond.

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