Are You MAD? Learn What It Takes to Thrive as a MADabolic Franchisee


Truly dedicated athletes recognize the commitment and consistency it takes to build meaningful strength and stamina – and win the game in the long run. It’s this kind of mindset that’s earning rave reviews for MADabolic: the high-performing fitness concept that’s disrupting the norm in a culture saturated with “the next big fitness trend.”

Founded by former professional hockey players, MADabolic recruits hands-on franchisees who have notable athletic backgrounds themselves and embrace the MADlifestyle – embodied by strength, empowerment, and a “better is better” mentality.

Athletic outliers, particularly former or lifelong athletes, make great MADabolic franchisees, as they intrinsically understand what effective athletic training looks like. They’re confident and self-motivated entrepreneurs who are driven to push their clients to succeed in their fitness goals and lifestyles.

In turn, MADabolic franchisees can lean on an incredibly resourceful franchise team for support, as well as a strong overall training program that sets the brand apart from its competitors. Through top-down programming, workouts are synchronized and implemented nationwide, enabling franchisees to leverage a consistent, results-oriented formula. The MAD intervals (a not-so-coincidental acronym representing the brand’s proprietary interval styles: Momentum, Anaerobic, Durability) speak not only to the workout, but also to its franchise system, which has positioned the brand well for impressive, rapid-fire growth.

With such systematic processes in place, franchisees appreciate the time and ability to leverage their own strengths in pursuit of growth within their respective markets while their clients enjoy superior outcomes. Deeply rooted in athletic experience and the science behind interval-driven strength and conditioning, MADabolic understands the caliber of long-term, purposeful training that the fitness industry craves, as well as what it takes for its franchisees to succeed. 

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