A Decade of MADness with Ashley Mol


Our next Decade of MADness feature is Ashley Mol, owner of MADabolic Burlington. While Ashley holds a special place in the MAD family as the sister of Brandon Cullen, MADabolic’s Co-Founder and Chief Concept Office, this bad-ass owner of MADabolic’s only studio in Canada is far more than just our founder’s little sister. 
Ashley grew up a multi-sport athlete, playing every sport she could until eventually settling down on a Division 1 NCAA scholarship as a member of Niagara University’s soccer team. Post-college, sports and training continued to remain a huge part of Ashley’s life. She recalls visiting Brandon in Charlotte during MADabolic’s earliest days in business and feeling humbled by the workout despite her lifelong athletic endeavors. 
“The first class I took was an all-out, 100% max effort interval. I was pumped to be there, ready to kick ass, with my competitive nature kicking in and my brother telling me to give my all-out effort. I was like, ‘oh, I’m going to crush this,’ but I wound up getting crushed by the workout instead,” she shared. “Let’s just say it was a humbling experience, but I left wanting more.”
From the very beginning, Ashley recalls noting something special about the culture MADabolic fostered –she loved the vibe of the members and the trainers. She loved the program and the way it took her back to her days of training like an athlete. She loved the idea of coaching people and working hard to develop a strong team and delivering strength-focused training to those looking for a high-quality group fitness experience.
A few years later, MAD Burlington opened in 2014 under the ownership of Brandon and his business partner and Co-Founder Kirk Dewaele. Ashley served as General Manager, and in 2017, she took full ownership of the studio.

“MAD has redefined how much I love training as an athlete and that this can be possible even through pregnancy and as I continue to grow older,” Ashley shared. “Learning that rest, recovery, and nutrition are crucial elements that allow me to continue to thrive and train hard has truly been a game-changer. I feel stronger than ever, even compared to when I was an NCAA athlete. After seven years of training with MAD, I am still challenged and continuing to make progress.”
Ashley continues to feel passionate about helping members reach levels they never felt possible and believes MAD’s strength lies in the structure and consistency of the program.

“Watching our program design evolve and seeing the brand purposefully create its niche in the fitness industry is something I continue to feel excited about,” said Ashley. “The differences between the three intervals and the importance of training multiple energy systems have elevated MADabolic as a new standard for strength-based interval training. I love helping educate our MAD community on these concepts and watching them see how results are built when you tackle the program faithfully and consistently.”
Another highlight for Ashley has been seeing the community grow since MAD Burlington opened in 2014. The hard work, progress, friendships, and persistence have held the crew strong through the ups and downs over the long haul, especially amid the challenges the last two years have posed.

Congratulations, Ashley, for holding down the MADabolic brand in Canada. Here’s to another decade of MADness in Burlington and beyond!
MADabolic celebrated ten years in business on October 31, 2021. Rooted in science, the brand’s signature intervals are designed to torch body fat, increase strength, and promote lean muscle. MADabolic’s uniquely purposeful approach to training is mirrored in our approach to franchising; we offer world-class systems and support for our franchise partners, making an unparalleled investment opportunity.
For more information about the MADabolic franchise opportunity, check out www.madabolic.com/own-a-madabolic.