6 Qualities of a MADabolic Trainer


Not only do we emphasize training experience and movement standards when bringing trainers on to our staff…but we also emphasize not hiring idiots.

Sound harsh? Fine. But putting anything (or anyone) short of the best in front you is simply not an option. Having a trainer that can properly educate you and lead by example - on and off the floor - is important to us!

Which is why you’ll NEVER see a MADabolic trainer:

  • Do two MAD workouts in one day. Or seven MAD workouts in one week. Or “never miss a Monday”. Because over-training is for those who don’t know any better, and your trainers aren’t interested in hurting themselves.
  • Direct someone to eat like a toddler. Because sub-1,500 calorie diets are for three year-olds…not full grown adults leading an active lifestyle.
  • Promote a 4-week challenge, because we don’t promote quick fixes that encourage you to take excessive, restrictive, and unsustainable measures in order to achieve your goals in a hurry.
  • Burying their heads in their smartwatch when they’re working out…they don’t care about maximizing their calorie burn and they certainly don’t like being distracted from actually getting shit done on the floor.
  • Claim a MADmovement to “blast belly fat.” Because your trainers are above misleading you to believe the pseudo-science of spot reducing (this not just in: you can’t spot-reduce when it comes to fat loss…with a regular strength training plan and a calorie deficit, the fat will simply come off where it comes off).
  • Sprinting 100% of the time. Nope, not during the 70% cycle of a Momentum day or on an 80% Durability day. The one and only time you’ll see them moving at their max effort is on an Anaerobic day (unless they’re hungover…which is a strong likelihood if you see them on the floor on Sunday morning).