5 Things You Can Leverage as a MADabolic Franchisee


With nearly 20 new franchise locations in development and dozens more projected for 2021, MADabolic continues to take the country by storm! Considering getting in on the MADness? Here are five distinct components of the MADabolic franchise opportunity and experience that you can leverage as a franchisee.

A Strong Brand Image

We are MAD about our look, confident in our program and strive to deliver consistency across the board. At MADabolic, we distinguish ourselves through a unique edge in brand identity and have created a new standard in program design. We take great pride in surrounding ourselves with the right partnerships, and firmly believe in the unmatched creativity of our corporate branding partners. We work with each franchisee individually to help customize our look to match the unique character of their community. Our purposeful approach provides unmatched results and offers a strong franchise investment opportunity with competitive differentiation. 

A COVID Compliant Floor Plan

Even prior to the pandemic, MADabolic’s operations were designed in a way that allowed our gyms to be COVID compliant. We’ve always been known for our clean structure and spacious footprint. At one-and-a-half to two-times the size of competitors, the training floor allows for easy social distancing, and the class structure provides a minimum of six to 10 feet between each client. Each location ranges from 3,000 to 4,500 square feet and the classes have always been capped at 20 to 25 clients. This provides adequate traffic patterns and safe spacing between members and trainers. 

“Our model is built to support retention, not volume,” said Co-Founder and Chief Concept Officer Brandon Cullen in an article with Franchise Consultant Magazine. “Guaranteeing the six-foot distance was easy for us. We didn’t have to adjust much. Not only will we continue to abide by the six-feet social distancing recommendation, but our training capacity and one-on-one feel will continue to thrive. Quality control and adequate traffic patterns for one-on-one coaching drive our training floor.”

Nutrition Blueprint

With MADabolic, our franchisees bring a fresh and unique concept to their communities that combines a fitness regimen with a Nutrition Blueprint to create the complete package. Created by resident MAD nutritionist Finley Funsten, the MADabolic Nutrition Blueprint is designed to build sustainable and lasting results by complementing the recommended MADabolic training schedule. It’s strategically crafted to support members’ performance and keep them well-fueled while helping them to reach their goals.

Site Selection Support

We recently announced a new partnership with Dochter & Alexander’s National Advisory Group to enhance our site selection strategy, refine consumer behavior analytics and maximize our expansion opportunity. The National Advisory Group, led by Jason Kastner, will act as MADabolic’s in-house real estate department, supporting corporate and franchisee site selection with deep analytics into consumer behavior. The real estate firm will also call upon its extensive experience in guiding franchise brand expansion. This partnership will provide our franchisees with top tier support that will help ensure a strong membership base.

An Exceptional Strength-Driven Workout 

No one does it like we do, period. Rooted in science and backed by years of experience, our signature intervals are designed to torch body fat, increase strength and promote lean muscle. MADabolic delivers unparalleled strength and conditioning to an oversaturated cardio-focused market. As the industry’s first strength-driven interval training franchise, MADabolic franchisees have a first-to-market advantage.

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