ANAEROBIC: Going Straight Red

Unlike any other interval style we run, Anaerobic days are the only intervals in which you’ll ever be asked to give your 100% max effort. If attacked correctly, the A days are the most intense of our inte...

MOMENTUM: Making You a Better Athlete

Much like the Durability theme, once you’re able to execute a Momentum day correctly, it’ll no doubt hold a special place in your MAD heart and be a day you look forward to.

DURABILITY: More Is Not Better

You walk through the MAD doors for your very first class, excited and ready to sweat buckets. Your trainer opens class with a description of “Durability” – the theme of the daily interval &nda...

Post-Workout Alcohol Consumption

The MAD lifestyle is a social one, so we’re definitely not here to squander your fun. However, we ARE here to arm you with as much legitimate information as possible when it comes to making decisions and ...

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