12 Week Nutrition Blueprint Initiative


Our MADabolic Nutrition Blueprint provides the strongest results when you implement it alongside our training program. This next 12 week programming cycle presents the perfect opportunity to get your shit together, dial in your nutrition and elevate your performance.

Before we get into the dirty details, we want to preface this initiative by establishing something absolutely critical: THIS IS NOT A CHALLENGE. This is not a “weight loss race”. This is not a “starve yourself skinny” program. This is not a sprint or a quick fix that will set you up for failure.

This IS a sustainable approach to nutrition. This IS an impetus for lifestyle and habit changes. This IS an invitation to change and improve your relationship with food. Ultimately, we are confident in the Nutrition Blueprint’s power to show you just how good properly fueling yourself looks and feels.

Without further adieu, here’s what you need to know:


  • 12 weeks - ideally lining up with the start of one of our signature 12 week programming cycles


  • Download our Nutrition Blueprint for free right here on our website.
  • Select a Blueprint based on your goals - Fat Loss, Maintain, or Athletic Gain! There is no right or wrong Blueprint to follow…this choice will be entirely dependent on where you are in your personal journey and where you want to go over the course of the next three months.
  • For optimal results, pair your Blueprint implementation with a 4x/week MAD training schedule (as the Blueprint was specifically designed to support Protocol M.A.D.)
  • Take a photo on the first day of week 1 and the last day of week 12 so that you can see the progress you’ve made! You may choose to keep these completely confidential; however, if you’re willing to share, we encourage you to submit your photos so that we can celebrate your success!


  • Finley Funsten, our resident MAD nutritionist and Blueprint creator, will go LIVE on the @madabolic Instagram account on the first of every single month to answer any and all Nutrition Blueprint questions you have.
  • Feel free to direct questions to your community leader(s) - if they can't answer them, they'll find the answer from an internal nutritionist who can.
  • Join our private Facebook Group: MADabolic Nutrition Blueprint. Open to ALL MADabolic members, consider this a communal space for Blueprint users to share ideas and tips, ask questions, vent frustrations, share recipes, celebrate small wins along the way, and support one another! Finley will designate one day per week to log into the Facebook group and continue to answer outstanding, relevant questions related to nutrition.