ANAEROBIC: Going Straight Red

Unlike any other interval style we run, Anaerobic days are the only intervals in which you’ll ever be asked to give your 100% max effort. If attacked correctly, the A days are the most intense of our inte...

MOMENTUM: Making You a Better Athlete

Much like the Durability theme, once you’re able to execute a Momentum day correctly, it’ll no doubt hold a special place in your MAD heart and be a day you look forward to.

DURABILITY: More Is Not Better

You walk through the MAD doors for your very first class, excited and ready to sweat buckets. Your trainer opens class with a description of “Durability” – the theme of the daily interval &nda...

Deload Week Explained

If you train with us regularly, your body not only craves a week of deloading, but it will greatly benefit from it. Consider Deload Week an opportunity to prepare your body for the heightened demand of the next...

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