About Us

Life is not a marathon. It’s a series of peaks and valleys. It can be both an uphill climb and a downhill sprint. Life is an interval. Train accordingly!

OUR focus


Our corporate training team is led by our co-founders, Brandon Cullen and Kirk Dewaele. This dynamic duo is constantly innovating while developing industry-leading training methods. Having encountered countless styles of training, these two have been exposed to some of the industry’s best strength and conditioning coaches and programs throughout the course of their athletic careers. To date, they’ve worked with tens of thousands of clients, ranging from everyday people to elite professional athletes - all of whom feed their fitness database of test subjects, successes, and failures, and enable to them deliver the top notch programming that drives our reputation.


Make no mistake, our trainers will train you. Their number one priority is YOUR personal improvement. They will evaluate your technique and keep you safe. They’ll monitor your effort and keep you honest. Through constructive adjustments, they’ll motivate you and provoke long-term, sustainable results. 


Your body is a physical reflection of the style of training to which you subject yourself. So if you want to look and perform like an athlete, then you’ll want to train like one. The result: a strong, lean & athletic physique. 


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